Expert Etiquette Training

Corporate Solutions:  Business Etiquette Training

Many people spend years acquiring credentials and refining their technical skills.

They're capable and hard-working -- but maybe their lack of social graces holds them back.

How can they get better sales results, improve working relationships, and embody your company's brand?

At ELI, we help companies to project a polished, professional image by training employees in international business etiquette.  If you want your staff to build great relationships with clients, boost sales, and create positive employee relations, we can help.

We offer keynote speeches, group training programs, and private consultations.  After working with us, our clients:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Feel more comfortable when meeting new people
  • Convey confidence and professionalism in interpersonal interactions, in meetings, in writing, and on the phone
  • Act more poised and graceful in social and business occasions, including formal meals, networking events, and meet-and-greets
  • Feel inspired to immediately use what they learned in everyday life
  • Feel motivated to clarify and refine their image
ELI's unique curriculum is focused on authentic relationship building.  We believe that respect, courtesy and kindness are cornerstones of great leadership -- and that they're the keys to being more confident, visible, and respected.
Nearly every client says they're pleasantly surprised by how fun and practical Bernice's workhops are.  She defies the traditional image of a strict, pretentious etiquette teacher.  Instead she offers a modern, international approach to emotional intelligence, social skills,  communication, personal branding, and image management.  She is praised for her professional delivery, attention to detail, genuine kindness, and her refreshingly down-to-earth personality.
The 5-Step Polished Professional Formula
1. Meet-and-Greet Like a CEO

Make a confident first impression when you meet new people. You only have 7 seconds to “wow” someone. Make every second count.
  • Benefits of etiquette and protocol intelligence
  • Importance of making powerful and lasting impressions to build your personal brand
  • Importance of etiquette in the workplace
  • Basic body language and vocal skills that convey presence
  • Introduce yourself like a pro
  • Make proper social and business introductions with ease and grace
  • Essential networking savvy and strategy
  • Handshaking in international business situations
  • Rank and titles
  • How to make an entrance and work the room at social business functions
  • Remembering names
  • Business cards
  • How to enter conversations, maintain them, and gracefully exit
  • How to make small talk

2. Business Communication Manners & Etiquette
With today's fast forms of communication, it's easy to be too casual or impersonal, sometimes causing friction with managers, senior leaders and clients.
  • Listening skills
  • Polite conversation
  • Compliments
  • Business writing
  • Email
  • Phone manners
  • Social media and tech-etiquette

3. Etiquette of Public Places at Work

Just because you spend a lot of time at work doesn't mean you can behave like you do at home.  Make sure you're projecting a professional image when you're around your colleagues and boss.
  • Shared office spaces
  • Acts of kindness at work
  • Doors, stairs, escalators, elevators
  • Company events (movies, live performances, sport events, playing sports)
  • Professional business office decorum
4.  Corporate Entertainment
If you or your staff regularly entertain clients or senior management, then this course is for you.  This also applies if you're frequently invited out as a guest.
  • Entertaining special guests and VIPs
  • Being a warm and effective host
  • Being a great guest
  • Western dining skills and table manners (American or Continental style)
  • Stand-up receptions (i.e. cocktail events)
  • Public speaking (i.e. making toasts)
5. Polish Your Professional Image with Suitable Grooming & Attire

Many companies have dress code policies but managers still struggle with enforcing them. We give clear guidelines that help people project professionalism
  • Importance of making powerful and lasting impressions to build your personal brand
  • Workplace appearance and personal grooming “must have’s”
  • Dressing appropriately for your profession (formal vs. business casual vs. casual)
  • Accessories such as quality briefcases and writing instruments

The following module is also available for corporate clients.

Networking 101: How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room
  • Networking strategy and planning
  • How to make an entrance
  • Introduce yourself like a pro
  • Make proper social and business introductions with ease and grace
  • Basic body language and vocal skills that convey presence
  • Proper handshaking
  • How to start a conversation, keep it going, and gracefully exit
  • Acceptable and unacceptable conversation topics; conversation topics
  • How to gracefully handle food and beverages
  • Protocol for exchanging business cards
  • Dressing appropriately for networking events
  • RSVPs, thank-you notes, and follow-ups

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