Expert Etiquette Training

Form a group of your own, or schedule a private appointment.  Public courses are listed in “Upcoming Events”.  Courses can also be customized; please contact us for more details.

Essential Dining Skills for Children
This age-appropriate course introduces children to essential Western dining skills and table manners.  Your child will:
  • Understand the importance of good table manners
  • Show respect and consideration for other people
  • Feel confident in Western dining situations inside and outside of the home
  • Place Setting
  • Before the Meal: Taking Your Seat, Posture, Napkins
  • During the Meal: When to Start Eating, How to Handle Silverware, Styles of Eating, Excusing Yourself
  • How to Eat Soup
  • Eating Out: Restaurants, Buffets, Fast Food
  • Receiving Line Basics
Duration: 1 hour per class; 1 class per week for 4 weeks
Class Size: Max 10 students