Expert Etiquette Training

Form a group of your own, or schedule a private appointment.  Public courses are listed in “Upcoming Events”.  Courses can also be customized; please contact us for more details.

Western Dining Etiquette
Bringing children to social events can be stressful for some parents because their children are ill-equipped to properly conduct themselves.  Alleviate the stress by scheduling a private dining and social skills tutorial in your home or at a Western restaurant.  You will learn alongside your children so that you can reinforce the appropriate behaviors at home.  Your family will learn how to:
  • Introduce oneself with poise and confidence
  • Feel confident in a formal Western dining situation
  • Enjoy a delicious meal together
  • Have polite conversation – no arguing or talking about homework!
  • Have fun as a family
  • Meetings and introductions
  • Place Setting
  • Before the Meal:  Taking Your Seat, Posture, Napkins
  • During the Meal:  When to Start Eating, How to Handle Silverware, Styles of Eating, Excusing Yourself
  • How to Eat Different Type of Foods
Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours; meets once
Class Size: 1 family

Bernice's course has been a wonderful surprise for us, me and my two teenage boys. The boys went through notable changes in dining etiquette in just one two-hour session. Bernice is extremely professional and detail-oriented, with wonderful teaching materials. The choice of the restaurant, a nice French one, is excellent, with a simple yet elegant menu, quiet atmosphere, and very friendly staff. My boys could not wait to finish the dessert!
  - Mr. Shen, parent of Eric (age 14) and Kevin (age 12)