Expert Etiquette Training

Form a group of your own, or schedule a private appointment.  Public courses are listed in “Upcoming Events”.  Courses can also be customized; please contact us for more details.

How to Impress in Interviews
You have 7 seconds to make a great first impression. Get intensive practice and feedback to prepare for job or university interviews. You will learn:
  • About the interview process and etiquette
  • What you are doing well and what to improve
  • How to present your best qualities
  • How to answer common and difficult questions
  • Feel confident and calm in even the toughest scenarios
  • Practice, practice and more practice! Most of the time is spent doing mock interviews (videotaping is optional)
  • How to do background research about the role and company
  • Types of job interviews and questions
  • How to prepare
  • How to relate your experience to the job you are interviewing for
  • How to handle typical and difficult interview questions
  • Standing out from other candidates by emphasizing your value-add
  • Q&A, Thank You Notes
Duration: 1 hour per class; 1 class per week for 5 weeks
Class Size: Max 4 students

Ms. Lee is such a nice person. She really took the time to work with us on improving interviewing skills. She showed us appreciation for our efforts, which makes me want to work harder to do better.
  - Form 5 student